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The Fall Tweequinox
Monday, September 24th, 2012

As happens a few times each year, I share some recent thoughts from my twitter stream. Along with a bad seasonal pun (be glad I didn’t wait a few weeks or this post would be called “Happy Tweetsgiving!” I recap the social media conversation that’s revolved around web marketing, lead generation, digital advertising and automation. I hope you like it:


Tweet Date
Find Google Analytics just sits there in front of you? https://t.co/VfBFkO7S Here are 3 tips to help transition from pet rock to rockstar. Sep 18
THX @chrisjschmitt for handy way to tackle a new initiative – http://t.co/bfUU7Qzl Sep 17
JS at #startupgrindyow on Cdn VC landscape: Toronto’s Bay st has more $, but Mtl accounts for half of all startup investments. Sep 14
Today I’m endorsing a free app for marketers who want a reading on their website’s performance. Once you tell RL… http://t.co/CV0v8Lbu Sep 11
B2B sales succeeds when you help buyers go step-by-step through their decision-making process: https://t.co/bfHK8I6N #blog #google+ Sep 07
Ask if channel partners could access new prospects more readily than you can, else there’s little point in partnering. #startups #strategy Aug 24
Optimizing web marketing is hard to do. There’s no getting around the need to test different things and let the… http://t.co/EvwH1eT0 Aug 20
KASPERSKY in Wired: ‘My goal is not to earn money. Money is like oxygen: good idea to have enough, but it’s not the target.’ Aug 19
What Is a Good Click-Through Rate for PPC? – ClickZ: http://t.co/t3VnCux4 Aug 14
Every pivot a business makes is a growth opportunity, but not every growth opportunity for a business requires a pivot. Aug 10
What do today’s marketing & sales teams need to work on? A recent poll by Adobe asked companies of all sizes… http://t.co/ixIMRPTo Aug 10
@paulcastain Thx for sharing your comeback story on #salesplaybook. Listening to it should spare us from learning lessons the hard way. Aug 09
http://t.co/NrMZAScI Great appraisal of how entrepreneurs think (hint: they view risk a bit differently than most of us) #startups Aug 08
No sign of Google AdWords slowing down #PPC pace of change. Now it’s flexible reach for display ads http://t.co/FUSXOcYS thx @sewatch Aug 01
Farewell Zone5ive events – OBJ- http://t.co/8cIt8GtV Jul 20
#startupgrindyow don’t obsess about scale, test things that engage, because that’s more essential Jul 19
A marketing campaign is built like an engine’s piston: there’s not much point to firing it once. A piston’s value… http://t.co/3L6gyjcB Jul 04
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. – T. Payne Jul 04


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