How tweetingly a year goes by!
Friday, December 21st, 2012


Once again, the year has nearly ended. The Romans knew just which god to use as a bracket between one year’s end an another’s beginning. They chose Janus (whom January is named after) to segue across calendar years. He was the perfect choice because he had two faces so that whenever he peered forward, he would always maintain perspective with what lay behind him.

Like Janus did, I like taking a retrospective look at ideas from the closing months of 2012. My memory’s not very reliable, but thankfully my twitter account keeps hold of the random conversations & comments I’ve had and that I’ve culled for this post.  So in the spirit of looking ahead to 2013, here’s one last glimpse back.

Date Tweet
Dec 13 @marketingprofs says 1/3 of marketing budgets currently goes towards making content. Is this true in your company?
Dec 12 With recent changes to Adwords, Google is clearly planting themselves on critical path b/w sellers & buyers. #PPC
Dec 10 Most of us know how inbound marketing works: it’s where instead of looking for prospects, you assume that…
Dec 8 Grant/VC $ is like a drug: companies that get too much start doing things they’d never do when in their right mind. #startups
Dec 8 Webmarketing123 digital mktg survey found that 1 in 3 B2B companies are generating leads with Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Approximately h…
Dec 8 Search engines put more trust on what’s said about you on a 3rd party site than they do on what you say about yourself on your site.
Dec 7 Google+ has added communities, I presume to keep users coming back to the site, the way Facebook does.
Dec 5 Latest post: Have your (analytics) vision checked #blog #website
Dec 4 Optimizing is an incremental process. As I’ve worked on optimizing many campaigns & websites, I will openly…
Dec 2 Leadership at its simplest is seeing what needs to be done and taking it on, first by yourself, and eventually with other people’s help
Nov 30 Microsoft Surface Pro will be released in January via @computerworld
Nov 29 Tracking your marketing metrics takes more than just uncrating some tools. No tool is going to give you useful…
Nov 28 Dewey Decimal system for corporate positioning. New post: #Blog
Nov 28 Margin always embodies itself in the last dollar added to a deal… and the first dollar that prospects try to negotiate away.
Nov 26 Since we first walked by bodies of water & saw our reflection, we’ve been accustomed to seeing ourselves. As we…
Nov 23 Analytics Ninja @ShamelCP is rekindling his handy WASP browser plugin, which tells which tracking software a site uses. Congrats!
Nov 23 Tip: if a web marketing vendor touts pay-per-click because “It gets you on Google’s first page,” turn & quickly walk away. #amateurs
Nov 20 Both heatmaps and A/B tests can give data to help Conversion Optimization. Which do you find is better/ faster/ cheaper?
Nov 20 Are you seeing how variations of your online marketing could be working for you? G+ Post #optimization
Nov 19 @SpoonityInc way to go on winning the #TechLinks pitch event, lovingly run by @exploriem
Nov 19 It’s nobody’s fault, but marketing is headed for a content crush. Hear Mark Schaefer’s arguments:
Nov 19 In a bid to win business (and perhaps steal mindshare from big brands), many small & midsized companies are using…
Nov 15 Love this online marketing metrics – BS detector: – Thanks @adobe !
Nov 14 Solace, BTI among Ottawa’s fastest-growing firms: Deloitte – Technology – Ottawa Business Journal
Nov 14 Google eclipses entire US media industry in ad revenues: courtesy of @LeeJCarey
Nov 14 Would you be happy with a website that needs 1000 visitors to obtain 1 lead? Maybe yes or no, but you might be…
Nov 5 “How could I get more customers? What have I overlooked?” This line of open-ended questioning is hard to answer,…
Nov 5 RT @LisaLarter Don’t be afraid to share your failures as well as your successes! see: #Business <absolutely
Nov 1 John Kelly sounds like a truly decent entrepreneur
Nov 1 Have insights on search, optimization & metrics? Consider speaking at this national conference devoted to internet mktg
Oct 31 My confession on how I’ve torched marketing campaigns that I built. Hard to do, but in some cases necessary.
Oct 31 If you remember the Phil Collins song about being an Illegal Alien, then you’re probably old enough to agree with…
Oct 30 I’m taking inspiration today from a web marketing professional named Kelvin Newman, who runs the UK-based…
Oct 26 Google AdWords changes just keep coming. #staycurrent
Oct 2 Google gives marketers new tool so they don’t have to keep asking IT to add code to website: tipoff from @jackson_lo
Oct 1 When I promote Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to B2B companies, I often hear comments like “what if only a few…

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