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Tweeting signals it’s spring
Sunday, March 31st, 2013


 As happens a few times each year, I share some seasonal tweets from my own twitter stream. The topics in the first 3 months of 2013 have ranged from social media tools, to web marketing strategy, to retweets from people I know & respect. If you have posts of your own or your company, I’d encourage you to review them once in a while, it can be quite educational!




Liked the recent #leadmanagement podcast with @jennyvanceindy on Determining ROI of a Lead Generation campaign http://t.co/9Y4zisOl01


Quick primer on use of a mktg Persona & why it helps when optimizing your website.
https://t.co/6XutcHHCUi #blog #leadgen


We all want to make web pages that people will want to read & respond to. There’s something many of us forget when… http://t.co/a3hCE9Xrxt


In optimizing sites, better to make 1 purposeful change than many aimless changes; 1 user-validated change is worth its weight in gold.


Once someone shows that they know their stuff, they tend to attract others who will go all-out to boost them. That’s who I help, anyway.


RT @LeeJCarey: Leadership Leeway; Change Management is not a spectator sport


New post, How to approach your site optimization, @ https://t.co/c3rCfoZ6u0 If you haven’t seen our FB page, try it – you’ll Like it.


Have a site that’s supposed to generate leads, but isn’t? You likely have a few things you need to fix. You can’t… http://t.co/15OASW0eE0


RT @FlyingPenguinAd Dan Martell at GROWtalks: Growth Hacking is Not Marketing http://t.co/cxL3SaJSRB time for mktg to give a rebuttal


Calculating sales & marketing ROI, why I don’t mix apples & oranges: https://t.co/zXioiMxWTk use #leadgen to solve the equation.


It’s taken time to realize it, but merging hashtags & twitter lists can be powerful for helping you track multiple tweetstreams at once.


Overall brand visibility goes up when you appear more than once (i.e. PPC & Natural results) on a search results page. Agree or disagree?


Dan Pink on how natural salespeople are niether extroverts or introverts, they’re ambiverts! http://t.co/NI8MJ8cp


better to know all your prospects’ names than for everyone to know your name’ from #ilovemarketing’s @JoePolish & @thedeanjackson


Companies become mature in #webAnalytics in 3 steps: 1-Track Metrics 2-Isolate key metrics 3-Discover what optimizes those metrics.


If you liked #leanstartup you might like upcoming #leananalytics – e-book companion w case studies now out http://t.co/XMoPKkEG


Google’s cost-per-click dropped by 6% in last yr; there were 24% more PPC ads at same time. Are you using #AdWords? http://t.co/6w8jIZYf


If your marketing is really yielding results, you will stop worrying about how much you are spending on it. I kid you not.


If you want to go ‘buy a domain,’ keep in mind that Registrars own them. Technically, we’re all just renting our domains. #Internet


@dannystarr THX for including me on latest #thevoice podcast. Good luck on @iabcottawa initiatives this year.


RT @w_grimes: Art of analysis is about getting curious about something. “That’s funny” moments often lead to great discoveries #emetrics


RT @GraemeBarlow: RocketOwl is the first company in Ottawa to receive B-Corp Certification!! Great work to evry1 involved in making this …


#SXSW Interactive: looks more like a week-long university than a conference http://t.co/3SPDqDrf


RT @IDGKnowledgeHub: What’s the Most Powerful Use of Big Data for Lead Generation Marketing in 2013? http://t.co/thE7IKEl #BigData #LeadGen


Five Ways SMBs Can Track the ROI of Social Media Ads : MarketingProfs http://t.co/bRGvUzCr via @marketingprofs


Article from @OBJ_news on the Return of the venture capitalists http://t.co/zsHf7eR6

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