Summer, and the tweeting is easy
Monday, June 24th, 2013


Having officially crossed over into summer, it’s worth recapping the slew of events & insights that took place in the last few months. Technology firms were acquired, marketing leaders weighed in on important topics and some of our own client initiatives led to eureka moments. Here, then, is a shrunk-down subset of tweets from <>@heyglenns that ran between April and June. Enjoy!

Jun 19 RT @steveablett: When you have to physically write or draw out an idea it changes your thinking in a way talking about it never can.
Jun 16 3 successive hurdles for SaaS startups, courtesy @ericreis: make it sticky, make it viral, make it pay.
Jun 12 In digital marketing campaigns, you have both blunt objects & precision instruments. The trick is to know when to use which tool. #leadgen
Jun 05 Paid search has leg up on other media: it can take a campaign live in minutes, where they take weeks/months #dstrategy
Jun 03 #dStrategy traditional model: biz pushed ads. Digital model: buyers pull content. Hope as it shakes out we can meet somewhere in the middle
May 28 Tweaking Google Analytics to track actions on yr site? Use @SHamelCP’s WASP to see what GA sees.
May 17 Uninformed optimism is what starts founders going. They stay real by having the market tweak their idea. @danmartell at #freshfounders
May 16 As you mature in analytics, you worry far less about top-line metrics like number of monthly visits; shifting to conversions, etc.
May 14 RT @nikpanter: Cloud computing is for any sized company – it’s all about agility moving up to enterprise and capability moving down to SMB.…
May 11 Internet Ad Revenue topped $10 billion in Q4, Mobile was fastest growing segment via @marketingprofs
May 10 If you have a freemium app or web-based product, you’ve got to read some of @jasonlk posts on – bite-sized advice!
May 08 If I had a million dollars’ I’d put a good chunk of it into #startups like the ones at @TechTuesOttawa #ottcity #bnl-meme
May 02 I’m awed by how many capable, talented private sector people are here – national media only talks about the other #Ottawa
Apr 30 RT @joeboughner: An open letter from marketing to IT (this was fun to write): <priceless, Joe!
Apr 26 Today’s 3 Be’s: Be helpful. Be disciplined. Be-lieve in the value you provide.
Apr 20 RT @DaveBirckhead: Startup marketing advice: Stay focused. Measure. Make decisions based on practicality and not desperation. @lkthrock
Apr 17 With all the data that’s around today, marketers have to use analytics relentlessly. It’s table stakes now professionally. No excuses.
Apr 16 RT @leeodden: 11 valuable Google Analytics advanced segments:
Apr 11 just got my hardcover copy of @leananalytics – I’ll only share it with people that ask really nicely (talking to you, @jenbutson)!
Apr 11 RT @HanaAbaza: Universal Analytics: Switching to the Next Version of Google Analytics ~
Apr 11 Getting my head wrapped around #AdWords ValueTrack – there’s just gobs & gobs of functionality in the Google universe.
Apr 09 RT @marc_gagne Often too much time is spent on the who you are, not enough on what you do & how it benefits listener Apr 09 From @lucialand on pitches: practice until you know it enough to say by rote, but also so you can stray & ad lib. #salesprosottawa
Apr 09 Your pitch should be 3 paragraphs, of which you pull 3 sentences. You can dive deeper when people want. /@salesprosottawa workshop
Apr 09 In networking, you’re more likely to meet a referral opportunity, than a prospect. From @salesprosottawa
Apr 07 Sounds cliched, but the most valuable acquisition you make in business are the relationships you form along the way.
Apr 05 Just put my bachelor’s degree to good use, talking to students about ancient Greece.
Apr 02 If your marketing is really yielding results, you will stop worrying about how much you are spending on it. I kid you not.
Apr 01 RT @RobSaric: Why Nice Companies Finish First

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